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Is a Gym Membership Worth It? Top 5 Reasons to Join a 24-Hour Gym in Wilmington, Delaware

May 11, 2020

For some people, their gym is like a second home. For Strive Fitness members, their gym is a second home that comes with the added benefit of being open 24 hours.

While it is possible to work out at home or to engage in outdoor activities that are good for our physical health and well-being, there are benefits to joining a gym that cannot be replicated anywhere else. 

1. Joining a gym provides better results. 

The long-simmering debate over whether gym-goers get better results than those who exercise at home was put to rest with a 2017 study. Duck-chul Lee, an assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University, studied 405 healthy adults to determine if there was a difference between those who worked out at a gym and those who did not. Half of the adults belonged to a gym and the other half had not set foot in a gym for at least three months. The study used the national guidelines for exercise, which recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week. National guidelines also suggest including weightlifting or muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week. 

Lee’s study revealed gym-goers logged 484 minutes of exercise weekly, hitting the target recommendations for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise. Only 18 percent of non-gym members hit the target.

2. Gyms offer a variety of equipment.

If you have never worked out at a gym before, the rows of equipment can be intimidating. But gyms are more welcoming now than ever, so don't let a fear of the unknown stop you. The variety of equipment is a major benefit of working out at the gym. Weight machines are ideal for novice weightlifters who want to build and tone muscles without the fear of injuring themselves. Cardio equipment — treadmills, ellipticals, rowers — is great for cardiovascular help and aiding in weight loss or maintenance. And most gyms also offer classes, so working out is never boring.  

3. Gyms offer trained professionals to guide you.

Knowledgeable instructors are a major perk of a gym membership. Most gyms provide fitness trainers who can guide members on how to use the equipment properly, and even consult with them on a diet and exercise plan that will meet their health goals. Some gyms even offer members complimentary fitness assessments to help get them started on their journey. 

4. Gyms provide a support system.

Once health and fitness goals are established, a gym membership can provide the motivation you need to succeed. Working out with friends is a great way to commit to following the recommended guidelines for exercise. Taking an exercise class is another great way to challenge your body so it does not hit a fitness plateau. Just being around others who take their health and well-being seriously is a great motivator, and there are plenty of health-minded individuals at the gym!

5. Twenty-four-hour gyms work with your schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of joining a 24-hour gym is that it is always available, no matter how crazy your life gets. Too many people use a lack of time as an excuse not to exercise. It is easy to fit in a little exercise when you can do it at your convenience.

Time to Get to Work

There are more reasons to join a 24-hour gym in Wilmington, Delaware than we have listed. And whatever your reason, joining a gym is beneficial to your health and well-being.

Strive Fitness offers a free week trial. To schedule yours, contact Matt at (978) 267-4105 today.

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