Plans & Pricing

Membership Rates
Start Up Cost (includes your key fob): $50

No commitment plans are month-to-month, and simply require a written, 30 day cancellation notice. 12 month agreements are a contract. Once the contract is met, it will assume a month-to-month membership that can then be cancelled with a written, 30 day cancellation notice as well. Cancellation within the 12 months will come with a $199 cancellation fee. There is also an Annual Club Enhancement Fee of $39.

No commitment

12 month agreement

Paid in Full
Body Coaching
(billed monthly in addition to your membership)

The dues for personalized body coaching are billed monthly. There is a 3 month (90 day minimum), with a "use it or lose it" policy. You can rollover sessions into the following weeks, but NOT into the following month. After your 3 month commitment is met, your commitment will assume on a month-to-month basis. Cancellation requirements require a 30 day notice, which will include your following month's body coaching dues. Please keep this in mind if it comes to cancel.

1 session per week

2 sessions per week

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