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6 Ways That Yoga Benefits Your Health and Well Being

November 7, 2019

People often ask themselves “should I find a yoga class near me?” They have seen friends and relatives benefit, but remain unsure of how it can help.

Luckily science and the medical community’s continual studies and evaluations of yoga show that it can work wonders in strengthening a person’s physical and emotional health.

People a generation ago once saw yoga as a fringe activity. Now mainstream medicine advises almost anyone to take advantage of its many benefits.

In our experience, these recommendations only form the tip of the iceberg when it comes to yoga’s benefits for health.

Protects the Spine and Joints

Yoga’s different positions and movements help to work some of the most vulnerable parts of the skeletal system: the spine and joints.

First, the vertebrae in your spine benefit from regular movement. They are designed to shift and stretch. Those who work jobs that keep them in one place, whether sitting or standing, may wonder why they have back problems.

Yoga also takes most joints through a full range of activity. Exercising joints on a regular basis can help to ward off inflammation and symptoms of arthritis that emerge as we grow older.

Stimulates the Circulatory System

Movements and stretches in yoga also stimulate the circulatory system. Increased blood flow gets oxygen and nutrients to cells in all areas of the body more efficiently.

Also, those suffering from diabetes who have circulation problems in their feet could help to ward off the numbness and decreased blood flow that sometimes occurs.

Better blood circulation also comes from yoga’s beneficial stimulation of the heart. Exercise makes the heart stronger and keeps heart rates at healthy levels, reducing the risk of heart attack.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

We have seen multiple studies lately indicatin that regular yoga sessions can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, particularly in women. Even more importantly, studies of women who suffered from PTSD indicated that they experienced fewer and less severe symptoms than those who did not do yoga.

Science does not know why or how yoga helps in these instances, but results consistently show a positive impact on the practitioner’s emotional well-being.

Fights Depression

One way in which yoga may help elevate emotional health lies in its ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Scientists have linked cortisol with imbalanced levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has links to the onset and perseverance of depression.

Studies have demonstrated that many suffering from depression have enjoyed progress while doing yoga.

Enhances Overall Happiness

Happiness and feeling good are two separate concepts. Eating a slice of cheesecake may feel good in the moment, but not contribute to the happiness of a person suffering from weight problems.

Doing yoga on a regular basis helps to establish foundations of improved overall happiness. It does not just reduce stress hormones or hold off diseases and chronic conditions. Yoga for many gives the chance to embark on a path of spiritual and physical uplift.

Over time, we've seen successful mastery of its concepts leads to feelings of accomplishment in the positive, as opposed to merely escaping the negative.

In our own experience, we have also seen yoga’s amazing impact and how it makes people happier.

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